Akpos and the store manager

Akpors goes to a Store for groceries. He finds cat food at a very special low price. He buys a dozen cans of cat food. The manager sees this and thinks that Akpors probably doesn’t own a cat and he might give the cat food to his children. He goes to Akpors and ask him to bring the cat as proof for him to buy the cat food. Akpors goes and bring his cat and the manager lets him buy the dozen cans.

A few days later Akpors found dog food at a  lower price. He bouhgt adozen cans of dog food. Again the manager wanted proof that he owns the dog. Akpors goes to get his dog and the manager lets him buy the dog food.

A few days later Akpors goes to the store carrying a bag. He ask the manager to put his hand in the bag and feel what is inside. After feeling what’s in the bag the manager says, “ What is this? Is this sh*t?” Akpors nodded And replied, “Yes I wanted to buy toilet paper and I don’t want you to send me back for proof again.

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