AKPOS: Whats your contribution?
CALLER: There is this lady i wanted in my life shortly after my NYSC, but all my effort proved abortive. She wouldn't pick my calls, she would laugh at me while passing by, for reasons best known to her! FIVE Months later, i was able to get my apartment,a new car,courtesy of a contract job i secured with a major oil company. Now most of the missed calls i have is hers, dozens of SMS from her and all that.... I am confused on what to do. PLS help me out!!!

AKPOS; listen up guy! Pick up your phone now, give her a call,letting her know you'll be at her house in 1hour. You take a good shower, wear a nice outfit, and an attention-catching perfume.When it is exactly 1hour, call her&tell her you'll be there in another 3hrs.When the 3hrs is over, you now drive down to her house, get down from the car, walk to her door. Once she opens the door, welcome her with the sexiest smile you've got,stylishly look into her eyes,draw her slowly to yourself,take your mouth to her ear& whisper "THUNDER FIRE YOUR HEAD"

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