An old woman boarded a bus to Lagos from calabar told the driver

An old woman boarded a bus to Lagos from calabar told the driver;"driver, if u reach Benin tell me o! The driver nodded n then she shouted again"my children, do yo hear wat am telln him? Everybody responded YES MA. On the long journey to Lagos, everybody slept off but dis woman never blinked. They never knew she doesn't know Benin. After several hours of driving to Lagos, the driver forgot to stop over in Benin.
About 4hrs behind, the poor woman then asked, driver, we never reach beninni? Ooooh!! the driver exclaimed; madam Benin is like 4hrs behind us. The woman started crying "take me back 2 Benin abeg". After all said, and considering the age of the woman it was agreed dat the driver shld turn back 2 Benin. On getting 2 Benin,the driver came down,opened the door told the woman she is in Benin. The woman simply opened her hand bag, brought out a sachet of panadol, removed 2 tablets and swallowed them wit water. She then smiled and said, my daughter sayed if I reach Benin I'v take 2 tablets of panadol. Oya! We have 2 go lagos now.

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