Conversation between akpos and ekaite (very funny)

Ekaite: honey do you still love me like before?
Akpos: Yes love! My love for you will never change.
Ekaite: thats my honey. I want you to buy me something.
Akpos: Just name it
Ekaite: It's just one BB porsche.
Akpos: No problem. Just find out the price and let me know.
Ekaite: It's #350,000.
Akpos: Is it manual or authomatic? Is it still in a good shape, as in the engine. Have you checked the fuel consumption too?

Ekaite: Honey, its not a car oh, It's a phone.
Akpos: Phone?!!! that means it will have a fridge, generator set, plasma and a wardrobe, shey?
Ekaite: Are you buying it or not?
Akpos: Please i am not oh! I can't!
Ekaite: Helloooooo!
Akpos: Hi
Ekaite: Dont even bother again. I'will call Alhaji to get it for me this evening.
Akpos: Better still, call Atiku, he will be faster.
Ekaite:(sad, cry): 'am goin to delete you.
Akpos: Is your fone hanging? because I have deleted you since you mentioned porsche

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