Akpors has been admiring his neighbor’s wife

Akpors has been admiring his neighbor’s wife. The neighbor’s wife always gives him this seductive smile whenever they greet each other. Akpors didn’t know how to approach the lady to tell her of his desires because she’s married. So, one day the lady herself
approached Akpors alone in his apartment.

AKPORS: Is everything alright?
LADY: Yes. Just need little help from you (Smiling seductively).
AKPORS: Wow! Anything for the angel.
LADY: I just don’t know how to say this. I’ll be so
ashamed ƒ myself if I ask and you say no.
AKPORS: Oh my lady. you
don’t have to. I am ready to do anything for you.
LADY: You know, it’s been over 3 weeks since my husband
AKPORS: Yes! Yes! Yes!
LADY: And even when he’s around, he has some…
(pause for a while) he has some disabilities…
AKPORS: Oh poor you. You must have been
going through hell!
LADY: I know you’ll be
stronger than him…
LADY: Can you help me?
AKPORS: Wow! Now? Sure,
I’m ready if you are ready.
LADY: Oh thanks
goodness! that’s why I came
to you. Can you help me
carry our deep freezer
from our kitchen to the next
street for repairs???

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