A must have game for all Blackberry and Iphone users

Today i'm introducing to you a very nice game for your Blackberry phone
Candy Crush World Free
This game is free on the Blackberry App world, i will say this is a very nice game, if you are bored, but it can also be addictive too when you start playing it.
 This game can also help exercise your brain because you have to plan every step you take on the game to reach your goal.
I suggest you try this game out. 
This Game is also available on Ios and Android devices
to download Candy Crush World Free on your blackberry phone
Click Here to get the direct link to Blackberry Appworld

To download it on your Iphone search "Candy Crush Saga" on your Iphone 
App Store. Iphone users will love this game because the game is so much better on Iphone.

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