this app will be useful to you if you are the type of person that care about other peoples safety

Did you know that there is an app on blackberry that can help save someones life while you wait for expert help to arrive? it is called "First Aid Free - your personal Medic Advisor"
This app provides you the information necessary to prevent and minimize injury, provide comfort, and maximize care until experts arrive.
You might be in a situation where someones life would be at risk and you already called for help but it's going to take a while before the help arrive.
below are the great features of this wonderful app

1. Includes the latest up-to-date emergency information.
2. Review first aid procedures anytime, anywhere.
3. Organized content to make it easier to find help in case of an emergency.
4. Customizable 'Get Well Soon' Ecards.
5. No need for a data connection as all the content is available offline.

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