Pay for 2 Blackberry subscription and get the third one for free. From Airtel Nigeria

%80 of the people that visit this web page are Blackberry users, this means that you got to pay monthly for your subscription sometimes when you cant pay,  you can't really do much with your blackberry phone. Airtel is making it easier for all bbm users this offer had been on for a while i just wanna share it with those of you that don't know about it yet it's called
"Blackberry 2-PLUS-1 offer"
pay for 2 bundles and get the third one free. i think this is a great offer because it will save you some money to get on this offer
Send "bbcm3" to 440 at N2,000 for BB COMPLETE
Send "bbum3" to 440 at N3,000 for BB ABSOLUTE
for more info on Airtel Bundles CLICK HERE

I hope this information was useful to someone.

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