PS Vita TV microconsole lets you play PS Vita games on your TV

Sony revealed a new piece of PlayStation hardware September 9 2013, the PlayStation Vita TV, a small, console that lets its owners play PlayStation Vita and PSP games on their television with a DualShock 3. Vita TV looks like Sony's take on Apple TV, only it supports an array of available PlayStation games.

PS Vita TV is tiny; just 6 centimeters by 10 centimeters. It will let users enjoy video and music services on their television, including Hulu plus,
The hardware features a PS Vita game card slot, memory card slot, one USB 2.0 port and HDMI output at 720p, 1080i and 480p. A 1 GB memory card is built-in.

The new device also serves as a Remote Play hub for PlayStation 4, letting users stream PS4 content and play games remotely through Vita TV, wow i cant say much more check the video out below.

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