The new Iphone 5c and everything you need to know

The new Iphone 5c is already up for Pre-order with At&t Tmobile and Verizone, the new Iphone 5c comes in 5 different colours, and will be available on Sep. 20th 2013, this is just talking about the 5c wait till you learn about the iphone 5s on my next post, which is the one i got my eyes on :)

Iphone 5c has The powerful A6 chip, provides fast performance and graphics. Yet it’s incredibly energy efficient, so you still get great battery life.

The phone captures amazing photos in multiple formats, including square and panorama. You can also apply filters to your photos and record 1080p HD video.

Iphone 5c comes with the new Operating System iOS 7, it's even easier to use with features like smarter multitasking, AirDrop, and Control Center. And the all-new design perfectly complements the colors of iPhone 5c.

pre-order the Iphone 5c now while you wait for BBM to available on this device

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  1. I thought it was already cuming with BBM . Month longer interested