The Microsoft Surface, Surface 2, and Surface 2 Pro the best tablet for Fun Study and Business

The Microsoft Surface 2 pro the only tablet with the heart of a laptop. this is the most advanced tablet as far is i know in fact i think this tablet beats the new iPad Air from Apple. so sleek with cool design and runs on windows 8. the surface 2 pro is just $899 which is very expensive but is worth the prize, you can do anything with this tablet

10.81 x 6.81 x 0.53 in

64GB, 128GB,
256GB, 512GB

Aspect Ratio:
16:9 (widescreen)

1920 x 1080

System memory:
4GB, 8GB

If the surface 2 pro is too much of expense to you, you should look at the Surface 2 which is worth just $449
or the Surface, which is just $349
which ever way you choose you need to get your hands on the Microst Surface

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