Ama sleep sleep gif #bbm

Ama sleep sleep.
Enjoy this blinking sleeping bbm gif

Your comments are needed tell me what's going on in this picture?

We have seen so many funny wedding pictures on the internet, but this one is just so funny. 
Your comments are needed tell me what's going on in this picture?

Recharge #200 and above and get %50 of your recharge

Recharge #200  and above and get %50 of your recharge plus you can use your %50 to call all network.
Recharge your phone with #200 etisalat and your airtime balance will be #400
Recharge with #500 and you will get #1000.
I think it's worth it how many of you have done this and gotten your bonus? please comment

Funny English by Mr Akpos

Your comments are very very appreciated 

Friday? is that you?

Friday? is that you? lmao
get your tgif bbm gif, happy friday bbm gif

Get the iSpeech Caller ID Reader now on your Blackberry Device

Are you the type of person that is always on the road?, driving? working? this app makes it easy for your to respond to important calls.
iSpeech Caller ID Reader reads your incoming caller's name aloud and can also help you screen your calls. you can listen to who is calling spoken out loud without looking at your device.
get the iSpeech Caller ID Reader now for you Blackberry Device
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Merry Christmas santa

Merry Christmas DP

Merry Christmas bbm gif

Merry Christmas Gif
Remember Christmas is all about giving not receiving so give with your heart and enjoy the joying of putting smiles in someone else's face.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From me 2 you

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From me 2 you
Merry Christmas display pictures for BBM
Blackberry DP

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Seasons greetings

Seasons Greetings Santa Claus
Blackberry Display Picture BBM dp 
for Merry christmas and happy new year bbm dp

Jesus is my hero

Jesus is my hero
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Justine Sacco racial comment on Twitter backfires

Honestly when you feel like making Racial Comment on the internet where you know things flies faster than the speed of sound please don't for your own good
and then are twitter account was deleted lol

So you don't know why the b**ch keeps pinging you?

So you don't know why the b**ch keeps pinging you?

Learn how to conserve your Blackberry Battery Life with this cool app Battery Doctor

We all know the number one problem facing the Blackberry phones is their batteries some way they still have not be able to come up with a healthy battery that last Long. But hey what doyou expect froma device like Blackberry? they Phone is always Busy Multi tasking.

App developers have designed an APP that might help you save a couple of hours on your Blackberry.
this app name is called Battery Doctor.
Battery Doctor has the ability to Prompt Or Auto-Disable WiFi (if not connected) to conserve Battery.
It has the ability to Schedule your device to turn off and back on at specific time. Multiple off/on schedules are possible and can save a lot of power.
This is very useful for people that are always on their phone while they fall alseep you can schedule the time for your phone to turn off knowing you might have slept at this time.

Battery Doctors also Notify you about any app left running in background draining your battery,
NOTE: always exit an app when you are done using it, this is a fast way to get a low battery if you don't.
so many features to help you save you battery life one app can do that for you
search for BATTERY DOCTOR on your app world

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday

Over 40 Million Credit and Debit Cards informations got hacked from Target store

From November 27th to December 15th Over 40 Million Target Customers were hacked while shopping at Target, with their Credit and Debit cards.
This makes you see how unsafe everything is out their if you can get hacked for shopping at a store like Target imagine how much security they have to protect their customers yet they still got hacked over 40 Million Customers,

The breach involves the theft of information stored on magnetic stripe on the back of cards used at nearly all of Target's stores around the USA.
Take steps to protect yourself,

1. If you noticed any unusual spending on your account between this period you need to cancel your Credit card immediately. and order a new one

2. Don't use your card as Debit in stores like this because you have to use your pin and that makes you more vulnerable.

NOTE: Don't post too much information's about yourself on social media that is the easiest way to get hacked stay protected.

I got 99 problems but they can wait till Monday

I got 99 problems but they can wait till Monday.
Happy Friday bbm dp

Friday thinz time to party Mr Ibu dancing bbm gif

Friday thinz time to party
Thank God It's Friday

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We worry about how many people likes us we forget to like ourselves first.

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