Learn how to conserve your Blackberry Battery Life with this cool app Battery Doctor

We all know the number one problem facing the Blackberry phones is their batteries some way they still have not be able to come up with a healthy battery that last Long. But hey what doyou expect froma device like Blackberry? they Phone is always Busy Multi tasking.

App developers have designed an APP that might help you save a couple of hours on your Blackberry.
this app name is called Battery Doctor.
Battery Doctor has the ability to Prompt Or Auto-Disable WiFi (if not connected) to conserve Battery.
It has the ability to Schedule your device to turn off and back on at specific time. Multiple off/on schedules are possible and can save a lot of power.
This is very useful for people that are always on their phone while they fall alseep you can schedule the time for your phone to turn off knowing you might have slept at this time.

Battery Doctors also Notify you about any app left running in background draining your battery,
NOTE: always exit an app when you are done using it, this is a fast way to get a low battery if you don't.
so many features to help you save you battery life one app can do that for you
search for BATTERY DOCTOR on your app world

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