Over 2 million passwords and username for Facebook, twitter, yahoo etc hacked

Over 2 million passwords and username for Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn,Twitter and payroll giant ADP have been stolen and posted online, couple of days ago you would have noticed some of your friends sending out spam messages and post, you too could have sent this spam it means you were amongs the 2 millions that were hacked. 
Twitter spokesperson Jim Prosser said the company was in touch with Trustwave about the compromised accounts and has already reset the passwords for affected users.
Facebook says it has taken similar measures and encouraged users to activate the social network's "login approvals" and "login notifications" features.

Well i say you change your password right now most of the password hacked were similar to 123456 1234 123456789
Tip always include numeric and alphabet on in your password and make atleast one alphabet Capital letter.

Example of strong password: RealbookieTong4093
although this is an example please don't use it come up with something better Good luck.

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