Over 40 Million Credit and Debit Cards informations got hacked from Target store

From November 27th to December 15th Over 40 Million Target Customers were hacked while shopping at Target, with their Credit and Debit cards.
This makes you see how unsafe everything is out their if you can get hacked for shopping at a store like Target imagine how much security they have to protect their customers yet they still got hacked over 40 Million Customers,

The breach involves the theft of information stored on magnetic stripe on the back of cards used at nearly all of Target's stores around the USA.
Take steps to protect yourself,

1. If you noticed any unusual spending on your account between this period you need to cancel your Credit card immediately. and order a new one

2. Don't use your card as Debit in stores like this because you have to use your pin and that makes you more vulnerable.

NOTE: Don't post too much information's about yourself on social media that is the easiest way to get hacked stay protected.

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