The world's most expensive smartphone (iPhone 5) worth over $16.5 million

The figure mentioned above is in American dollars, yes American dollars just to prove to you how serious this is. The world's most expensive smartphone, worth $16.5 million and it is a unique, hand-crafted piece of bling.
Designed by Stuart Hughes. iPhone 5 worth that much that only sums it up. just take a look at its home button. The key has been replaced with a 26-carat flawless black deep cut diamond.

The chassis of this fabulous iPhone 5 has been inlaid with about 600 flawless white diamonds and 53 more of them have been used to recreate the Apple logo on the back. The screen is made with it sapphire glass that's more resistant to damage than the scratch resistant glasses commonly used in modern smartphones today.

All this gold and the precious stones have taken a toll on the phone's weight, however. Just the gold that has been put into the device tips the scales at 135 grams, which is 23 grams more than what the iPhone 5 originally weighs. Something tells me that the phone's owner wouldn't be bothered by its weight. Speaking of which, the iPhone 5 Black Diamond is owned by a Chinese businessman.